Cress - Curly

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A nicely curled variety which is suitable for use in punnets and sandwich fillings.

Sowing Time: All Year Round

Sowing Instructions: Cress can be grown in trays of compost or on the surface of cotton wool. Place the growing medium in a small container or saucer and moisten well, then spread the seed thickly over the surface. Place in a polythene bag and leave in a warm place. For outdoor sowing, choose a partially shaded spot of ordinary reasonably moist garden soil.
Sprinkle the seed liberally on the soil surface and cover with brown paper until the seeds germinate. Keep moist until you harvest
Growing Instructions: Make sure the seeds are kept dark until after germination and then move to a warm well lit spot ensuring that the medium stays moist. Cress is ready in around 12-18 days after sowing.
After Care: keep well watered.
Information provided for guidance only, as cultural practices and climatic circumstances vary.
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