About Us

Seed Megastore is a family run business based in the West Midlands. Seed Megastore provides the finest quality vegetable seeds, flower seeds, Herb Seeds, and garden sundries to growers and gardeners throughout the UK and Europe.

Seed Megastore has a small dedicated team that looks after your order from seed packaging to fulfilliment of your orders. All orders are done through our online store and other online platforms. 

Our Values

Commitment to Quality

We believe quality is an obligation and a responsibility. Our leadership team have a duty to ensure quality is at the forefront of every decision we make. We will use our industry expertise and trusted supply chain to provide tailored advice, technical support and quality solutions that meet all customer requirements.

Our team includes experienced growers whose invaluable knowledge and expertise help us identify the best products and practices, so we can better serve you.

With a catalogue containing nearly 1,000 varieties (and growing all the time) Seed Megastore ensures that our high-quality standards are met on every lot of seed we offer.

Service Culture

Getting it right first time for our customers drives every decision we make. We exist to deliver truly exceptional service that makes a positive impact on our customers. Our customer centric ethos is embedded throughout the company.