Asparagus - Connover's Colossal

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An open pollinated variety producing a reasonable crop of fairly thick spears well into the summer. Asparagus crowns combine a high return with a productive life of around 20 years. They require relatively little maintenance.

Sowing Time: Sow seeds indoors in January into trays/pots or sow seeds into seedbeds outdoors March to early May. Germination: 14 - 20 Days.

Sowing Instructions: Sow seeds into trays/pots at 16-18°C following a 24 hour soak. When large enough to handle thin out to the strongest plants.

Growing Instructions: When plants are 3-4 inches high plant out in raised rows 3ft apart 12-18 inches between plants. Asparagus can be grown in a wide range of soils and under various climatic conditions, but it thrives in fertile well-drained soils in moist temperate regions that have long growing seasons are sufficient. Asparagus likes full sun or at worse partial sun.

After Care: Mulch the plants in winter to protect them and to provide them with nutrients.
Days to Harvest: Plants will not be ready for harvest until the second year.

Information provided for guidance only, as cultural practices and climatic circumstances vary.

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