Aubergine - F1 Bonica - 5 Seeds

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Early maturing, oval fruited, deep purple to black coloured. Fruit size 12x7cm, performs well in difficult growing seasons.

Sowing Time: Sow early October to November, or Mid-November to December, or late January to February. Germination: 10 - 20 Days, Germinates at 20°C.

Sowing Instructions: Space the seeds 2cm apart in seed trays or 2 seeds per pot under glass at 20°C. and cover lightly with compost.

Growing Instructions: When plants are 3-4 inches high plant into 9in pots or 3 plants per grow bag and placed under glass. Outdoors - plants may be transplanted to a sunny sheltered spot. Nutritional levels should be pH 6 - 6.5 with N, P, K, Mg indeces around 3.

After Care: Plants should be supported with vertical strings or canes, and also with horizontal ties or loops around the plants to keep them from sprawling. Pruning - While 2 or 3 stems can be taken, plants can be maintained on one stem with side shoots reduced beyond the flowers which form. The basic object is to aim for 6 - 9 fruits per plant, though this can be exceeded on longer term culture.

Days to Harvest: 80 Days

Information provided for guidance only, as cultural practices and climatic circumstances vary.

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