Cauliflower - All The Year Round

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All The Year Round will make very large, tight heads and is one of the easiest to grow.

Sowing Time: Sow seeds between Mid February to May
Germination: Germinates at 8 - 30°C.
Sowing Instructions: Sow seeds in February into individual pots or seed trays with a good seed compost and cover with 6mm (¼in) of compost at a minimum of 70F, until germination which takes around 10 days. Alternatively, can be sown thinly in a prepared seedbed 13mm (½in) deep, allowing 30cm (12in) between rows.
Growing Instructions: When the seedlings are large enough to handle transplant seedlings into larger pots, or transplant from the seedbed around 4-5 weeks from sowing. Allow 14in between plants each way for baby heads and (20in) each way for larger heads. Plant firmly to obtain best quality heads.
After Care: An abundant supply of water throughout the growing season is important.
Information provided for guidance only, as cultural practices and climatic circumstances vary.
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