Endive - Encornet De Bordeaux

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A fine, very hardy variety for constant cutting. Ideal for Salad leaf mixture.

Sowing Time: March to July

Sowing Instructions: Seeds can be sown into peat pots/modules from March to July and transplanted when plants are 10-15 cm tall, at 25cm square spacing. Seeds can be sown directly into very finely prepared soil, in rows about 13mm deep and 25cm between rows. Cover the seeds lightly with soil.

Growing Instructions: Thin plants to 25cm apart in the rows. Seeds can also be sown more thickly from March to August, to harvest as 'salad leaves'. Water after sowing directly or transplanting.

After Care: keep plants moist at all times. Once blanched the hearts will deteriorate in quality, so blanching should be carried out to fit in with harvesting requirements. Blanching is achieved by tying up the lower leaves to cover the plant or by placing a 25 cm size pot over the plants and blocking the drainage hole to exclude light.

Information provided for guidance only, as cultural practices and climatic circumstances vary.

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