Herb - Oregano Greek

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Height to 80cm (30") Spread 30cm (12") Considered to be the best of all the oregano types for flavour. Naturally grows on dry and stony ground. Delicate flowers, usually white but sometimes pink.

Sowing Time: Outdoors - May to September / Indoors - All Year Round
Sowing Instructions: Sow the seed thinly (If growing in pots sow enough for a few plants in each pot). Cover with ¼ cm of compost and firm gently. Seeds germinate in around 14 days.

Growing Instructions: Once the seedlings have developed 2 pairs of true leaves, thin out the weakest seedlings. In outdoor beds, space seedlings or thin plants to 12" apart, in rows 18 inches apart.
Information provided for guidance only, as cultural practices and climatic circumstances vary.
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