Rocket - Cultivated Rocket

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Also known as plain rocket. Leaves can be picked individually for a distinctive peppery-flavoured leaf. Very useful in mixed salads. Long, strap like, serrated leaves, dark green in colour. Very quick-maturing.

Sowing Time: April to early September. Sow autumn and winter crops in August and September, in a cool greenhouse or under cloches or fleece.

Sowing Instructions: Sow thinly, 0.5-1cm (¼- ½in) deep in rows 15cm (6in) apart. 

Growing Instructions: Keep the soil moist. Plants need some shade in hot weather to prevent the leaves from becoming tough. 

After Care: Keep crops weed free and the soil moist. Do not overwater as this dilutes the taste.

Information provided for guidance only, as cultural practices and climatic circumstances vary.

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