Runner Bean - Firestorm

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A red flowered variety that is a cross between a runner bean and a French bean, which gives this variety easy setting and very high yielding characteristics. The good flavoured pods are typically 25 x 2.5cm in size.

Sowing Time: May to June.
Sowing Instructions: Sow seeds mid April in pots indoors, plant out from end May. Early May - early July (outdoors). Sow seeds 2in deep in a well prepared soil. Allow 2 plants per pole placed at 8 to 10in apart as a structure.
Growing Instructions: Water well during dry weather, particularly when flowers are forming, as roots must never be allowed to dry out. Mulch heavily with compost. Pinch out once plants have reached the tops of supports. Pick regularly to ensure continuous cropping.
Information provided for guidance only, as cultural practices and climatic circumstances vary.
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