Sprouting Seed - Alfalfa

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Sweet taste with flavour similar to peas. Best used raw in salads. Harvest when sprouts 2.5-5cm long.

How to make your own sprouter

Sprouters are readily available to buy or its super easy to make your own. In my experience, a DIY jam-jar sprouter is actually easier to use and gives better results than many commercial sprouters. Make your own sprouter in two simple steps:

1. Find a decent sized glass jar, preferably with a lid.

2. Drill small holes in the lid – 3mm is fine  or punch them with a hammer and nail. If you prefer, you can dispense with the lid altogether and simply drain the water off through your fingers.

How to grow sprouts

1. Put some seeds in the bottom of the jar and cover with water to soak for twelve hours. You can add just one type of seed or a mix of varieties, it’s fun to experiment. The seeds will expand a lot as they grow. Half to one inch (1cm – 2cm) of dried seeds will usually fill a jar. It varies between seeds – radish expand more than sunflowers, for example.

2. After twelve hours rinse the seeds in water. Ideally the water should be at room temperature – not too cold and not too hot. Then drain the water out of the holes in the lid, leaving the seeds damp but not swimming in water.

3. Repeat the rinsing process at least once every 12 hours until the sprouts are ready – usually about 2 to 4 days.

4. Eat the sprouts straight away. Or transfer them to a plastic bag in the fridge where they keep well for 4 - 5 days.

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